Growing Girls

The Growing Girls Project is the PhD dissertation of Ann Herbert. Ann approached our class looking for a better way to educate girls about puberty. Working in teams, our class delivered a variety of options to address this important issue.

Our team's end product was a mobile-centered website called Naomi Knows. In addition to a functional mobile site, our group also created several full dialogues, glossary page content, and custom illustrations. To view all elements in place, please visit our prototype in a mobile browser.

This project was created alongside Brittany Baker, Jarrett Fuller and Miles Holenstein. Special thanks to Anne Riley, Becky Slogeris, along with principle advisors Jennifer Cole Phillips and Jason Gottlieb.

Introducing Naomi Knows Homepage
Naomi Knows Illustrations

Ann and Becky set up a workshop for our class to meet with girls from Ann's study, allowing us to research our user's preferences first-hand.


We learned 8-14 year old girls prefer to learn new information from a trusted adult, or online. Our group sought to bring these two elements together by creating a trustworthy online presence, who we call Naomi (Normal Adolescent Online Mentoring Intelligence).

Mock Up Definition Page

We framed the information as conversation, keeping the site in a relatable language for our users. Information is also broken up, and links within the conversations create an organic navigation, making it easy for our users to continuously explore.

Character Profile Page