Meet N.E.D.

An experimental foray into speculative design, N.E.D. is the Nutritional Epidemiology Diagnostic machine. He tells you what food to eat or avoid in order to prevent cancer. But be wary, you can’t always trust him.

Modeling his language on that of sensationalized "bad science," N.E.D. is a commentary on the recent anti-science movements, and fake news at large.

Meet N.E.D. Overview

Using arduino with processing, N.E.D. creates an infinite amount of randomized sentences.The parts of these sentences are written to mimic the sensationalized or speculative language often used in fake news. When the user presses "GO," a new prescription is printed from the thermal receipt printer inside.

Overview Overview

Zach Hobbs from IDEO visited our class to lead an afternoon ideation/brainstorming workshop.

  • Laser Cutting Process
  • Cardboard Prototype
  • Early Wiring Tests